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Who is First Christian Church?

There are many kinds of churches in every community. They vary in name, message, organization, and purpose. One certainly has the right to ask any one of them, "Why are you here, and what do you stand for?" We have faced this inquiry and are eager to share our reply with those in the community.

To begin with, we are quick to admit that we are a congregation of faulty people who are finding healing in God's forgiveness. We are a fellowship of the imperfect desiring to grow until we realize His purpose for our lives, allowing ourselves to be formed into the image of Christ. We are committed to the principle that the unity of Christians comes through common devotion and obedience to the Lord. The Bible is our only rule of discipline, doctrine, and devotion. Our preaching and teaching center on Jesus Christ. We do not claim to be the only Christians but are quick to acknowledge being a congregation of immersed believers desiring to be Christians only. 

First Christian Church is an independent church whose only creed is Christ. We are a part of a historical brotherhood known as the Restoration Movement that desires fellowship with all who acknowledge Christ as Lord. Our members have come from a wide variety of backgrounds and doctrinal persuasions, but we have oneness in Christ that binds us together in a love so strong that it does not allow us to be separated over differences of opinion or interpretation of Scripture. 

This church is committed to being no respecter of persons. It is a church for everyone. It turns away no seeker after God. 

All those whose trust and confidence in Christ has become actualized in obedience will find in our fellowship an open heart, an open communion table, and a warm welcome. To all doubters, all seekers, all who long to find meaning and purpose for their life, and to those desiring to find answers to perplexing questions - questions so vital that no lasting peace can be known until they are settled - we say, "Come, let us reason together."

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