What to Expect When You Are Our Guest at FCC

If you are a first-time guest at FCC, here are a few things you will want to know.

Will I feel out of place?

NO WAY! When you enter the doors of FCC, you will be warmly welcomed and joyfully accepted. We have new guests almost every week at FCC. Jesus loves you, and so do we! 

Will I have I have to stand up and introduce myself during the service?

NO WAY! We would not want to embarrass you that way. WE do want you to come back! We have a greeting time after we sing a couple of songs and have a prayer. Everyone goes around for a few minutes and welcomes everyone. It is a fun time!

How should I dress?

At FCC, we are not focused on what you wear. Most of those who come to FCC dress in casual attire. In our traditional service (8:30 a.m.) you will see more formal attire.

Do I have to fill out any information cards?

You do not HAVE to fill out one of our Connection Cards, BUT if you do we will make a few promises to you. We will NOT come knocking at your door (UNLESS you ask us to). We will NOT sell your information to any telemarketing firms (even IF you ask us to). We will NOT swamp you with mail. We WILL send you a card and a small gift from the church for filling out your Connection Card!

Tell me about the Worship Services

Sunday Morning Worship Services

8:30 AM- Our 8:30 worship services is a traditional service filled with hymns and a few choruses. Our music is led with the piano and keyboard! This service runs approximately one hour. 

10:45 AM- Our 10:45 worship service is a contemporary service that features many of the new songs of the faith along with modern praise choruses. The Worship Band leads the music in this service. This service runs approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

Sunday Evening Life Groups During the months of February to April and September-November FCC has Life Groups! Life Groups are small group ministries where you will have the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus, and you will get to grow closer to others who are a part of FCC!

What about my Children?

We provide a Family Worship Room for ny parent who would like to use the room. The room features privacy glass and is wired for sound. During the 10:45 Worship Service we also provide a "Wee Worship" service for children ages 2-4. For those who have older children (ages 5 to 4th grade), we provide "Kid's Way Worship" service during our Contemporary service (10:45 a.m.). This program brings worship to their level. We also offer a Wee Worship program for children ages 2-4 during the 10:45 a.m. service. We have Open Life Groups for adults at 9:45 a.m. For those with teenagers, we offer a youth group on 6 p.m. each Sunday evening. We also now offer a staffed nursery during our Life Groups as well as our Wednesday evening adult Bible Study!

Anything else I need to know?

At FCC, we take communion each Sunday as was the tradition of the early church. We practice open communion which means that even if you are not a "member" of FCC you are welcome to take communion if the Lord leads you to do so.

You will also see that we pass the offering plate each week. The offering is how we fund the workings and ministry of FCC. As a guest, we do not expect you to participate in the offering unless you feel led. Members and regular attendees are encouraged to fund the ministries of FCC.

During of service, we will have music, prayers, a message, announcements, offering, communion, and an invitation time. The invitation time is a time in which a person who wants to become a Christian can come forward and be immersed (baptized) into Christ. It is also a time to come up for prayers if there is something they want the church to pray for, or if a person wishes to place membership with FCC.